Small Business Digital Advertising 101

Small Business Digital Advertising 101

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In order for small businesses to reach a wider audience, there is a better and easier way than traditional advertising. Small businesses should consider the global online marketplace and benefit from diversifying into both traditional and digital advertising. Creating high-quality content and engaging ads can seem overwhelming, so today we will be going through commonly asked questions on advertising for a small business in the digital realm.

Should my small business focus on organic growth or pay for online advertising?

In order to take advantage of multiple opportunities it is important to do both. Most likely, you are already advertising your business in some way to attract consumers, but it is important to have a combination of both organic and paid advertising to help your business grow exponentially. Search drives valuable customers to your site and allows you to collect information about your customers; you will then be able to find customers that are seeking out your product/service resulting in a more successful ad campaign and higher return on your investment. specializes in intent driven marketing in order to help businesses reach their target audience and drive valuable conversions while tracking success throughout the campaign. 

What advertising strategies should my small business use on social media?

In order to reach new, existing and potential clients we recommend using a variety of different strategies. Start off by researching where your target audience has the most engagement, create an aesthetic and welcoming page and then begin to post regularly. Make sure to tag your products in compelling high-quality images and consistently share links to your online store in order to direct the consumer to your site. Remain active and responsive on all platforms and create consistent engaging content to boost up your following. has built a social product that allows brands to extend their social reach into our marketplace. 

How can I utilize direct marketing and establish a good search engine presence?

Direct marketing is a marketing strategy that relies on direct communication or distribution to individual consumers without using a third party. Some examples of direct marketing include direct messages, emails, phone calls or social media. Having a solid foundation on socials and email marketing campaigns will strengthen your online presence and as a result allow consumers to feel invested in your brand. The higher rank your website is, the more traffic you will get to your site. 

How can I measure the success of my online advertising campaign?

Many small businesses outsource these responsibilities to industry professionals in order to attract a wider audience and exponentially increase their earning potential. Partnering with will open your online presence to our intent-driven marketplace to reach new customers. The most successful small business owners know when to outsource and when to take on roles for themselves. 

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