Women are an incredibly important demographic for retail advertisers because they control $20 trillion in consumer spending every year. While there are many ways to target a female audience, search advertising is most effective at reaching a large audience very quickly. With billions of online searches taking place every day, retailers should expand their advertising efforts to include partners where their target audience is searching. At Ad.net, our search campaigns enable retailers to successfully market to women with spending power.

Retail advertisers who sell products designed solely for women should serve their ads through women-related keyword searches to ensure the strongest performance. Additionally, targeting ROI specific goals is what all retailers should be looking to do. According to AdAge, “The lesson for marketers is to create ads that work specifically for women, independent of the target audience. Women respond very strongly to powerful storytelling and emotion in advertising.” Ads should always make a connection to the consumer in a relatable way to effectively capture their attention. In search, copywriters must convey this authentic message in less than 100 characters. Check out our recent blog post, Best Practices for Search Ad Copy, for a few tips when drafting your search ads.

With the number of women searching increasing year over year, reaching this demographic is vital to driving sales online and in-store. After a brand’s compelling message is composed, the most effective way to serve search ads to a targeted audience is with superior technology. Advertising technology allows companies to optimize campaign performance. Unlike other advertising companies, Ad.net’s SmartPricing™ technology enables our search campaigns to perform better than the major search networks.

Ad.net helps advertisers reach their desired female audience through keyword targeting and ROI based optimization. Retail advertisers want to achieve maximum ROI with their marketing efforts and highly efficient search ads allow them to exceed their campaign goals. Our proprietary SmartPricing™ technology enables advertisers to acquire new customers, making Ad.net the strongest marketplace for retail!


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