In-Person Events Are Back: How Are You Handling it?

In-Person Events Are Back: How Are You Handling it?

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As 2022 is ramping up, so too are the in-person events that are rebounding after the last two years. Industry leaders are eager to host events and get colleagues to connect on a more personal level. Around 50% of companies plan to host more in-person events in 2022. 

Even though events are coming back, they are returning with a new wave of technology and adaptability. Some events are being live streamed or including a virtual option for those who can’t attend in-person. Hybrid events are becoming popular, however people have been craving physical interactions and connectability. 

All in all people are eager to meet at an in-person level again – allowing for more personal connections and networking. This creates many benefits to professional relationships. At, our team has been hard at work planning for the rest of the year and using this in-person opportunity to build connections with our clients and colleagues. 

‘You can never replace the in-person experience, while the world has changed, has been able to adapt successfully to the new normal.’ (Todd Ulise, SVP of Sales & Marketing at

The relationships you develop in person in a physical meeting space continue past the set time and are the most fulfilling partnerships. The chemistry feels more genuine and it can lead into opportunities for future business and collaborations. 

Since March 2020 people have been waiting for the opportunity to connect in-person again and as events are being scheduled for the remainder of the year it is important to take advantage of this human connection.

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