How Covid-19 Has Impacted Digital Marketing

How Covid-19 Has Impacted Digital Marketing

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How Covid-19 Has Impacted Digital Marketing

The pandemic has had a major impact on the world’s workforce, not only creating a different day-to-day lifestyle for our personal lives but also our professional lives. In-person events have been adapted to an online experience, consumer behavior has changed, and businesses have had to adapt to a work-from-home lifestyle. Now that we are transitioning into the post-covid era, many marketers are finding themselves asking the same question. What changes from the pandemic will remain permanent in the digital marketing industry? 

The effect: A 2021 New Consumer

The retail industry has already had a major shift in the last 10 years, and now it is even more important to be online-friendly to the consumer. Never before have people spent so much time at home and more importantly, online. Many companies have had to shift to online products and services, as well as online advertising, in order to stay relevant to the everyday consumer, in response to Covid-19 restrictions. With fewer in-person interactions, advertisers and brands have also reached for new advertising solutions beyond Google and Bing’s paid search, as it is important to have multiple digital advertising channels. 

What happened: How Marketers are Responding

Many marketers have enlisted a new short-term plan to fit the current stay-at-home consumer and have been focusing more on flexible channels such as digital ads, social media, and online videos to target the desired consumer. Marketing departments are building awareness through offers, evaluation, and retargeting while advertisers have shifted to search advertising outside of Google and Bing to expand their top-funnel consumers.’s incremental search solution helps advertisers reach proprietary and highly-targeted audiences they otherwise could not access. Our SmartPricing algorithm combines audience targeting and keyword search to run cost-efficient and measurable advertising campaigns for brand and agency partners. 

What is happening now: Companies Can Adapt to this New Consumer

In order to succeed during this online era, companies must increase their online presence. Some new opportunities such as virtual events and conferences can be a new way to network and meet many new people in the industry from all over the world. Employers are taking advantage of this and hiring remotely to expand their team and hire more talented individuals to fulfill important roles. has adapted to the work-from-home lifestyle and has taken the opportunity to hire outside of Los Angeles, building a highly skilled team all over the nation. Never before has it been so essential for companies to expand their consumer base by bringing on a marketing professional. This new era is here for the long term and bringing on can help your business thrive during this transition. is committed to developing additional solutions for digital advertising leads. helps generate leads and reach the right customer. Having multiple marketing channels is a must in today’s Covid-era world; to find out more about what can do to help you expand into a new customer base, please contact [email protected].

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