Summer Surge : How To Get User Engagement In The Summer

Summer Surge : How To Get User Engagement In The Summer

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Summer is the time when people are out and looking for adventure and experiences. Historically, this is the least busiest season for online shopping, however, in order to take advantage of this time, advertisers need to be creative in order to capture their audience. Instead of waiting for consumers to come to you, re-evaluate your strategy to include capitalization on key events, a summer sale, along with updating your visuals and ad copy to reflect the summer feeling.

Capitalize On Key Events

Even though summer might be the least busiest time, there are some major events that advertisers can take advantage of. It is important to research key events and find out which are most effective for your target consumer. A good example is back to college/school shopping season. There are also plenty of awareness days to utilize and get inspired from. Implementing digital advertising allows companies to boost their campaigns and create a higher return in an efficient way.

Summer Sale

Creating a summer sales promotion event is an additional strategy to increase engagement during the summer months. This can help get the word out and reach a wider audience that may be looking for your product.’s success during promotional events helps companies get a higher ROAS and optimize their advertising campaigns in order to create a summer surge. With the help of our intent-based technology, is able to target customers precisely with real-time decision making. 

Update Visuals and Ad copy

Summer has its own look and feel, so it is essential to make sure your branding resonates with the summer mood. Make your assets feel like summer by including the following aesthetics: sunny, beach, warm, palm trees, back to school. It is important to stay consistent with this updated summer branding across all forms of communication. Adding in summer emojis to your email marketing, consistency with online ads and social media posts on a regular basis are just some easy steps you can take on your own.

Summer advertising and marketing has some challenges, especially when everyone is trying to enjoy the outdoors and get back to normalcy post-pandemic. Challenges can also bring opportunity for creativity. Enlisting as an additional resource can only help you prioritize your reach and boost your sales during the summer months.

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