Customer Visibility: Make Sure You’re Business Comes Up First

Customer Visibility: Make Sure You’re Business Comes Up First

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Two main aspects to consider when running a successful online business is reach and visibility. In order to optimize successfully it is important to come up with a strategy that can be adapted overtime. Three main things to keep in mind are to consider customer needs, reaching out on a regular basis and diversifying your communication. Taking all of these into account will ensure an increase in both reach and visibility and create a strong reliable relationship with the consumer.

Customer Needs

Customers will feel heard and enticed by a campaign that reads into their needs. Building a relationship with your customers needs to start from the beginning with direct feedback and focusing on loyalty and transparency. Tap into what your loyal customers are looking for and adapt to their needs. This can be done through price adjustments, promotions, risk reduction with return guarantees and fantastic customer service. 

Once you’ve collected all this information it will be helpful when paving the way to strategize more effectively for future products. Doing proper keyword research and evaluating different opportunities allows you to think like the customer and ask yourself, “What keywords will consumers use to search for our product/service?” 

Reach Out On A Regular Basis

Getting involved with events that your customers are interested in is another way to meet their needs and get involved with them in another sphere. Holidays are a great opportunity to include promotions and reach out to customers to build communication. Consistency and persistence is key to plan projections overtime and then use these projections as a baseline. This will also assist in data collection allowing you to follow trends overtime and evaluate the different successes. In order to maximize the potential of customer reach,’s intent-based solutions allow you to target customers efficiently and maximize your return.

Diversify Your Communication

Once you streamline your reach and have evaluated customer needs it is essential to reach customers through multiple channels and diversify to all marketplaces. has the largest marketplace outside of Google and Bing. Staying consistent and connecting with the intent-driven comprehensive marketplace will allow you to reach a wider range of audience and boost conversions. This will then lead to generating more sales overtime for a more efficient ROI (return on investment). Being creative with ad copies and communication will ultimately keep your customers engaged and wanting a consistent relationship. 

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