Cyber Monday Advertising “How does it feel in 2022?”

Cyber Monday Advertising “How does it feel in 2022?”

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By having an intentional advertising strategy throughout the fiscal year and honing in on a strategy during Cyber Monday, brands can gain larger profits, attract new customers and gain industry knowledge to leverage in future campaigns. During the pandemic, most retailers were forced entirely to e-commerce which grew exponentially and will continue to grow in the future. Cyber Monday is one of the main consumer spending events of the year and is a terrific opportunity to increase profits, attract and gain new customers and keep old ones loyal. With the help of’s SmartPricingTM technology, intent-based brands in our marketplace can reach new audiences and convert them into customers efficiently. 

Over the past few years, the holiday shopping season has gone back to the old way where the entire season matters. During the early 20th century consumer spending became one of the main economic drivers in the US over the holiday season. In order to spare retail employees from the holiday rush, the Consumer League of New York put out a “Shop Early” campaign to push consumers to start their gift shopping early. Now, retailers are preparing for consumers to “Shop Early” by having available holiday items and promotions from the start of November through December. By focusing on more top and mid funnel initiatives successfully over a longer period, performance tends to be stronger for the entire season. 

With the uncertainty of the economy in 2022, people are reacting to the market and spending accordingly. Tinuiti recently published a holiday shopping survey where consumers shared their thoughts about the holiday season. The majority are concerned about inflation and plan to start their shopping early.  

Due to this year’s uncertainty, prior holiday shopping seasons may be less indicative of what to expect than in a normal year. To optimize future campaigns, brands should anchor a strategy for Cyber Monday and see what channels they are successful in. If anything, this can be an essential time to gain knowledge about the shopping experience and make it exciting with promos and a competitive advertising strategy. Brands will also gain a better understanding of customer requirements through feedback and surveys which will then lead to better customer satisfaction in the long run.  

An intentional advertising strategy with an emphasis on Cyber Monday attracts new customers and gives brands additional opportunities to increase profits. helps brands do just this with an emphasis on tracking and optimization to surpass campaign benchmarks. There is a much-needed emphasis on tracking and optimization on a more aggressive schedule than normal during the holiday season. Quarterly reports are too far away, and it is really having a team at the ready for daily optimizations that will drive success. One apparel retailer outperformed their ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) goal with during last year’s holiday season and has continued to be a loyal partner throughout 2022. “Building on the success of our frequent reporting last year, we will be looking to make optimizations by the hour to capitalize on peak consumer traffic during pivotal sale moments. Frequent data around both revenue and product stock, combined with consistent client communication regarding traffic patterns is key for navigating the holiday season successfully.” said Rachel Potterat, Director of Ad Operations at With monthly check-in calls and consistent reporting, we are aiming for a 25% improvement on last year’s numbers and have a clear path to get there. This is normally our busy season but given our expectations around how this year is different, our daily optimizations are going to make this “busiest season.” 

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