The Do’s and Don’ts of Retargeting

The Do’s and Don’ts of Retargeting

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To celebrate the New Year we’ve decided to put together a useful list of retargeting do’s and don’ts to consider when you retarget old visitors and customers.

Over Targeting

Do make sure to retarget past visitors.

Don’t over target them. Overexposing visitors to ad campaigns can actually work against you and may result in campaigns not performing as expected. You also want to be careful that visitors don’t develop banner blindness if they are exposed to the same banners too frequently, so make sure to be cognizant of your retargeting frequency. Also, not only is banner blindness something to fear but you also don’t want people to develop negative sentiment towards your campaign or worse, your brand.

Aside from overexposure, advertisers should also make sure to retarget during the optimal conversion window. Data shows that users are most likely to convert within a 24 hour window from when they first performed a search or landed on a product page. After that time frame they are more likely to fall off.

And finally don’t forget the converted folks, make sure to include exclusion pixels. Once a visitor converts into a customer and buys a certain product or service you don’t want to retarget them with ads that include what they’ve already purchased or a service they’ve already signed up for.

Reach a New Audience

Don’t limit pixels on just a few product pages or only on pages that have the most traffic. You could be missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Do try to reach a new audience. Do make sure to add pixels to all pages because any place you are not seeing performance currently could have conversion potential.

Working with More than One Retargeting Firm

Do work with more than one retargeting company, as long as the data you are targeting is separate from the other firms.

Don’t use companies who retarget based on the same data. This is very important because you do not want to bid against yourself. Make sure you are using different firms to target based on unique data.


Don’t use the same creative over and over again (whether it converted a user into a customer of not).

Do A/B test creative regularly. See what creative and content resonates with past visitors and make different variations of that campaign, testing as often as you can. Also, partner with a company who will provide you access to all performance data. For example: what creative worked for which demographic, what was their location, what time of day was it etc.. This information is important when it comes to understanding your users and their behavior.

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