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The Challenge

A direct hotel chain enlisted to deliver new bookings in an efficient manner through a non-brand strategy.

Our Solution

Many brands and agencies extend their campaigns from traditional search to onboard with  Taking advantage of a fully managed service, our partners continue to increase their overall travel bookings on the same keyword lists through’s marketplace. Working with both direct brands and OTA’s,’s technology ensures efficient bookings, and tracks each touch point throughout the consumer journey. 

For a direct hotel chain,, over a 17-month period, delivered bookings to selected properties with an ROI of 2.37x benchmarks and scaled a $20,000 regional test budget to a $147,000 monthly national commitment. To achieve this success, passed actual order amount through a pixel fire and assigned a value based on the booking amounts. Optimizations were made to keywords, bids, and sources that yielded the greatest booking amounts allowing for maximum ROI to be achieved.

In addition to leveraging’s proprietary Smart Pricing technology, the “efficiency first, scale second” approach allowed for methodical introductions to new markets without jeopardizing performance. 

 Working with a large OTA, successfully targeted straight Cost Per Action goals to drive rental car bookings for a national rental car company. Through diligent testing of new sources within the marketplace, achieved the client’s KPI within eight days and has been at goal every month since. As a result, the campaign budget saw a 340% increase from $25,000 to $85,000 within six months, and the client has been a consistent partner for more than 3.5 years. 



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