Selling Products and Driving In-Store in Retail

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The Challenge

A leading department store enlisted drive incremental purchase volume.

Our Solution

Many retailers have extended their campaigns from traditional search engines to run with Taking advantage of a fully managed service, these advertisers have improved their overall search ROI, achieving scale while acquiring customers on keywords. 

One of ’s online retailers, over a 19-month period, drove orders at a 4.4x ROI and scaled a $40,000 test budget to $126,000 per month. was able to pass order value through the pixel fire and capture the True Value of the audience. The key to success was optimizing actual product sales with our Smart Pricing technology and methodically rolling out new product categories and optimizing ROI against each one.

For a large retailer, was able to drive new store locators to drive in-store foot traffic, sell products and engage with the audience. was able to pixel each of the advertiser’s events with multi-event tracking. This included site engagement, product sales and store locator. We did not just look at one KPI but looked at each event of the user flow through tracking. was able to hit client KPIs after only three days into the campaign. The budget increased from a $15,000 test to a $92,000 a month account within six months and has been an always on buy for the last 2.3 years.






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