Eying New Customer Acquisition with

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The Challenge

A prescription medication company chose to assist with net-new customer acquisition and drive increased awareness and consideration. The goal was to re-target users within the marketplace who had previously visited the advertiser’s site.

Our Solution

The advertiser utilized’s strategy which included an initial launch of an evergreen campaign aimed to increase customer acquisition and performance-based optimizations. The Account Management and Business Intelligence teams worked diligently to optimize ad groups, keywords, bids, and sources. Through their expertise, the campaign’s initial investment, which started with a 5-digit test budget, was successfully scaled up to a 6-digit quarterly budget. employed its predictive analytics technology and self-learning algorithm to ensure it exceeded campaign goals by efficiently scaling through hands-on adjustments and optimizations. The brand generated a blended CPA that was 17% more efficient than the goal.’s platform integrations and 1st party data re-targeting capabilities drove increased awareness and performance allowing the client to achieve greater efficiencies.






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