Success on the Front and Back End

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The Challenge

A global insurer enlisted to help acquire new policies in an efficient manner.

Our Solution

Given the insurer’s extensive product diversity, it was essential for to integrate data and analytics that drove performance optimization for initial acquisition and the long-term value of new insurance leads. To bridge multiple performance metrics, extensively evaluated the keywords for each campaign, systematically developed ad groups and bid ranges across the campaigns, set up pass-back reports on source-level IDs which included actions attributed on Web, Mobile and Phone conversions, and integrated third-party reporting.

Key for the advertiser was achieving both a front-end acquisition goal from a two-page form submit and optimizing for the long-term value of newly acquired leads to be upsold.

The advertiser applied a 90-day window to assess the upsell value of newly acquired leads. From the advertiser’s back-end data — which provided insight into the profile of the new leads — adjusted campaign bids, sources, and keywords to optimize the campaigns’ multiple performance metrics. The result? Each ad group was priced based on the lifetime value of the media through data storing and pass back from the agency partnership. built the campaigns to deliver over 85 leads weekly, meeting both the front-end and back-end metrics.






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