Smart Money is on Financial Services.

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The Challenge

A mortgage advertiser enlisted to drive high valued new funded loans.

Our Solution

Many Financial Services advertisers have extended their campaigns from traditional search to run with Taking advantage of a fully managed service, these advertisers have improved their overall search ROI, achieving scale while acquiring customers on keywords. 

One of’s credit card clients, over a 9-month period, drove customers at a cost that was 28% below the stated CPA goal to acquire new credit cards. Against a goal of $200 CPA, the campaign performed at $144 CPA. For the 9-month period, the campaign generated over 4,500 new customers. The key to success was optimizing at a source level with our SmartPricing technology.

For a large mortgage advertiser, was able to drive new funded loans with an average loan value of $420,000. Through multi-event tracking, web and phone attribution we were able to isolate sources that performed well above average lead to loan amount. did not just look at leads, but actual loans and we optimized to the bottom of the funnel. By defining the higher valued audience we ensured the client’s goals were hit within 30 days. The budget increased from a $25,000 test to a $125,000 a month account within four months and has been an always on buy for 1 year and 7 months.






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