Driving Success for a Southern California Auto Brand.

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The Challenge

A major Auto brand engaged with to reach in-market consumers and drive the targeted audience to the brand’s site. Performance metrics for the campaign consisted of unique visitors, click through rate, and time on site. The campaign strategy included both search and display. 

Our Solution

In the first phase of the campaign, the Account Management and Business Intelligence teams optimized ad groups, keywords, bids and sources, and scaled the campaign’s spend to increase by 10-15% each week over a six-week period. As the number of keywords and sources expanded, the search campaign reached a point of scale that allowed to capture a significant volume of query data.


In the next phase, leveraged the captured data to build custom audience profiles that drove retargeting campaigns via display ads. The retargeting campaign ran in conjunction over a six week period with the search campaign. At the end of the campaigns, the results showed that a significant number of in-market consumers had been targeted and reached. The unique visitors performance exceeded goal by 28%, the CTR exceeded goal by 14%, and average site engagement topped 5 pages per visit.






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