LTV: Getting Closer

LTV: Getting Closer

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At a recent meeting with an agency in New York whose clients run with, an interesting conversation broke out on the topic of effective conversions. The discussion tossed around the sharing of data, the challenges of measurement, and defining success in PPC advertising. It’s a challenge to have client, agency, direct ad tech solution, and 3rd party ad tech solutions all mesh to achieve one overriding goal: drive conversions in the most effective way for a brand or performance marketer.

Measurement remains one of the largest challenges facing advertisers and their agencies. Advertisers rely on measurement to make decisions where to spend more or spend less of their marketing dollars. Cost per Click, CTR, click volume, spend level, bounce rate, front-end conversion are all important measurables and metrics. How they perform and vary, of course, affects search campaign performance. Ranking them in importance is useful, and front-end conversion would be at the top of the list. But what is most important? Isn’t it the metric that enables agencies and advertisers to compare media and channels? The measurement of customer lifetime value is the ultimate goal. Why do marketers fall short of fully supporting this goal? Why do their agencies continue to push them to use the metric more widely?

As search date becomes, increasingly, more integrated with audience data from DMPs, it will become easier for agencies and their clients to measure and more effectively capture the value of a customer through their conversion journey. It all starts with capturing the data, from awareness to action, and incorporate the data into LTV. For search solutions, this opens the door to more effective brand awareness campaign management.

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