In Search of Success for a Travel Advertiser

In Search of Success for a Travel Advertiser

By May 2, 2017 July 30th, 2021 No Comments’s advertisers, who run paid search campaigns with some or all of the big 3 search networks, turn to our marketplace as an extension of what they currently do. By extension, we mean is a very effective solution that complements and adds to the overall search advertising success of our advertisers. For our advertisers, we are:

• An unduplicated source of new customers

• An easy solution to test

• A completely managed service (no fees, full service)

• Experts at search who drive performance and scale in campaigns

All of this attracted one of the largest online travel companies in the world to expand beyond traditional search to include as a search partner. Initially, our advertiser launched a test campaign with a subset of their ad groups and keywords. Our team created the entire campaign, and fed bid and CPA parameters into the pricing engine. In the first few weeks of the campaign, methodically optimized sources, keywords, and bids to achieve the desired CPA and maintain a consistent level of performance. Our Account Management team provided regular reports and performance updates.

Two months into the successful test, our advertiser expanded the campaign to include a full range of inventory (air, hotel, car, vacation packages). The allocated budget grew significantly as managed the additional ad groups and keywords, while maintaining the CPA goal. So what led to this success? First, let’s describe the success:

• From the test in the first month, the campaign significantly scaled

• Monthly allocated budget increased from under $25,000 to more than $70,000

• Conversions jumped from over 400 a month to more than 3,000

• CPA changed less than 5%

What drove the success? It’s part people, part programmatic technology. The Account Management team at provides expert optimization and campaign management. Overseeing bids and ad groups, they focus solely on achieving our clients’ performance goals. They drive campaign efficiency. The other key piece is our platform and pricing engine. Processing millions and millions of transactions a day, the SmartPricing technology automatically scales performance across thousands and thousands of sources. It drives scale.

Part expert people and part innovative technology, that’s the difference that enables advertisers to extend their search advertising campaigns into our marketplace. Travel with in search of success outside the major search networks.

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