How Data-Driven Attribution Returned Great Returns For TransUnion

How Data-Driven Attribution Returned Great Returns For TransUnion

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TransUnion CMO Ken Chaplin led a presentation and discussion about data-driven attribution in an onmi-channel world. The vertical in which TransUnion competes—credit reporting—is highly competitive. TransUnion sought to understand inputs from conversions on paid search, display, email and affiliate. The goal was to use Data-Driven Attribution to increase Return on Investment and guide future media acquisition channels.

TransUnion worked with A/B testing through complex algorithms of landing pages and conversion sequences. Combing impressions after search queries were run meant a 50% increase in conversion rate when included within paid search. More non-brand mobile queries that were served ultimately resulted in exposure on brand ads impacted conversions on brand queries. The holy grail for TransUnion was Direct Response TV:

  • 87% of TV viewers interact with a second screen
  • Data integration with TV ads and mobile increase conversions paid search.

DRTV was validated through increased performance on all search channels. Additionally, TransUnion ran remarketing lists through AdWords to target audiences better. The ultimate results where that when combined with omni-channel tactics search, display and DRTV ultimately proved for better returns. This proved that users are connecting with multiple devices at the same time and the key, through data, is to know when and how to message those users.

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