Holiday Campaign Optimization

Holiday Campaign Optimization

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With Thanksgiving down and the rest of the holiday festivities upon us, we’ve only got one thing on our mind – holiday campaigns, holiday campaigns and more holiday campaigns! Our VP of Sales, Todd Ulise, has had the pleasure of helping many brands and agencies prepare and strategize for the holidays, so this year we’ve decided to share his expertise with you all. Here’s a short list of things to consider when prepping for the holiday season.

Prep and Timing

“Brands should start thinking about holiday campaigns as soon as the last season ends. Brands should use the data collected to help them frame their strategy for the upcoming year” says Ulise. It’s never too early to start thinking about the following year, especially when everything is fresh in your mind – what worked, what didn’t work, etc.. Ulise also recommends that advertisers consider “increasing bids to capture more inventory as conversion rates increase significantly”. Many retailers see 75% of orders come in the last two months of the year, so you want to make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities.


Video and display are always great options for capturing an audience. As a visual society, there’s no denying that having a clever video or display ad strategy is a great idea but don’t forget about search. “Search is always the most bottom of the funnel way to drive sales” says Ulise. It’s a great way to reach a new audience and convert them into customers.

Metrics and Goals

Before setting metrics and goals for your campaign Ulise says advertisers should “focus on more top and mid funnel initiatives. When this is done successfully performance tends to be stronger during the holiday season.” And as far as what metrics are most important, he says Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and Lifetime Value (LTV) of a user.

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