Diversification In The Age Of Twitter

Diversification In The Age Of Twitter

By November 14, 2022 July 25th, 2023 No Comments

Until Elon Musk acquired Twitter, we sometimes had a tough time explaining why our platform enabling advertisers to diversify their acquisition channel outside of Google and Bing was so important. There are compelling (“compelling?”) charts from micro- and macro-economics, talking about the efficient frontier, and that the power of monopolists to set prices being a bad thing for their customers. Lots of eyes glazed over. 

Today it is much easier to see the benefits of diversification. With major advertisers like General Mills and United Airlines pausing their campaigns with Twitter, and the car brands seeing one of their channels taken over by the owner of their competitor, the point has become quite salient. Channel and platform diversification provides proven options when the advertising market changes. 

What if Musk had bought Google and not Twitter? Would major brands have enough proven channels to acquire new customers to ensure their brand wasn’t caught up in the controversy du jour. Today, channel diversity is about brand safety, risk management, and preparing for the future. At Ad.net we provide the leading marketplace outside of Google and Bing for advertisers to acquire new customers. We provide easy diversification so the next time a controversial billionaire buys a major advertising platform you are ready with a solution that hits your ROAS goals. 

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