Frequently Asked Questions

Does have a minimum spend per month, or like AdWords/Bing you don’t?

We have a $5K minimum spend, however, we recommend testing enough for to get data. Recommended budgets are based on performance goals.

Do we give you a list of keywords to run on?

Yes, please provide your keyword list and KPIs. We can provide a media plan to address’s capabilities and share our strategy to best meet your goals.

Are we required to put a pixel on our site?

We do not require pixeling at all for us to optimize.

What is the difference between you and your competitors?

– Better technology!

– Exclusive distribution that does not cannibalize your existing search programs.

– Our retention rate is significantly longer than our competitors (3X).

– Our “efficiency first, scale second” approach.

What are your brand safety measures?

– Negative Keyword Match

– Content Filters

– Blacklists

– User Agent and IP Blocks

What is the typical approach you take when testing a new brand?

We build out a media plan for our clients thereby vetting each opportunity and presenting capabilities on paper. We have tended to be benchmarked performance-wise against both GDN and Bing. Gains and efficiencies can happen pretty quickly due to our level of depth at optimization.

Are IOs flexible (in case of underperformance or under spend)?

Yes, we traditionally convey what we can do weekly or mid-month depending on client preference, so our agency partners can adjust up or down IO’s.

What is the process for setup?

Post IO, we have a couple pre-questions for you, and we send over our ad specs. Most of our clients usually download their assets from Google for ease.

Still have questions?

Click below to submit your questions directly to us and we will get back to in a timely manner.

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