We’d like to make a data point.

It’s where our difference starts. In the Ad.net keyword marketplace, billions of searches take place monthly. It’s a marketplace where our advertisers target distribution outside of the major search networks. It’s a marketplace where brands and performance marketers reach their target audience in additional channels, extending their reach through display and video campaigns, by leveraging intent and interest data across millions of consumer profiles. Our search data – unique, proprietary, first-party -- drives performance across multiple channels.

And a price point.

It’s where our difference continues. SmartPrice, the Ad.net proprietary optimization technology, automates bidding and sub-source management, ensuring that our advertisers meet their performance goals. No other platform optimizes at our depth and scale. It’s the reason over 92% of our advertisers’ campaigns achieve their performance goals.

And a point about our service.

Your campaigns, from test launch to daily optimization to scaling, are completely managed by the Ad.net team, made up of business intelligence, ad operations and account management specialists. All work for you to optimize and ensure your campaign excels. With Ad.net, there is nothing for you to do. It’s a completely managed service.

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  • Reach

    Our publisher network allows you to access millions of qualified online consumers.

  • Target

    Our targeting technology can easily aim your advertising to reach your desired audience.

  • Optimize

    Our account managers and campaign tools assist you in efficiently budgeting and optimizing your campaigns.

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