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Engage your users with the most appealing offers at the moment
they show intent. Our global advertisers and advanced SearchIQ
product suite maximizes your ability to monetize.

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SearchIQ Site Search and Keyword

Easy to implement and easy to use search for your site with guaranteed revenue. Engage users with the most relevant keywords and content at the moment they search either within your existing search bar or let us handle the results page for you.

SearchIQ Shop

Create an ecommerce experience with Search engine optimized to expand your organic audience at scale. You provide the /shop URL and we do the rest.

SearchIQ Keyword Intent

Monetize non-brand content keywords to the most valuable destination. Match keywords in your content to high-intent searches to create a seamless user experience and predictable revenue.

Multiple frictionless integration opportunities available

How It Works

Step 1

Your audience signals intent through their actions.

Step 2

Advertisers willing to pay a premium for your customer intent bid to reach them.

Step 3

SearchIQ’s predictive first party data tailors every advertiser’s offer to your audience to maximize engagement.

Step 4

Advertisers pay us we pay you.*

*It is slightly more complicated than that, contact us and we can explain more.

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