A Simple Extension

What do advertisers who extend their campaigns from traditional search networks into the marketplace experience? Incremental reach. Efficient cost per click. Easy trial. Ongoing performance and scale. Simply extend your current campaign into a new marketplace to reach new customers.

A Solution That Scales

What do performance marketers access in our marketplace? Over 72 million searches daily on travel related keywords, more than 63 million searches daily on financial services related keywords, and over 119 million searches daily on retail and e-commerce related keywords. Across more than thirty verticals, the marketplace enables advertisers and marketers to extend their campaigns beyond traditional search and reach a highly qualified audience.

Campaign Management Expertise
From creation to optimization to reporting, your search advertising campaign is fully managed by the Account Management team. Take advantage of a full-service partner who optimizes performance daily, develops creative and performs A/B testing, targets by geography and demographic, provides automated monitoring, adjusts traffic based on real-time performance, and manages dynamic pricing.
Programmatic Platform
The SmartPricing platform automates and optimizes bidding and source management in real time. Optimization is continuous and completely driven to achieve a performance metric whether it is CPA, CPL, ROAS, LTV, video views, or CPM. Your campaign metrics and parameters are entered into our bidding and pricing engine, and the technology automatically optimizes your campaign. Our SmartPricing technology enables over 91% of campaigns to achieve their performance metric.
Unique Approach to Testing
Before launching a campaign, our team of business intelligence analysts and account managers evaluates your current search campaigns, assesses the keyword volume and designs an efficient trial. Upon launch, our team proactively provides regular reports and analytics, fitting the level of service to your preferences and needs. Once the campaign reaches a fully efficient level, our team scales your campaign and continues to meet your performance metric.