How It Works

The solution is comprehensive and multi-channel. Driven by programmatic technology, the platform automates the buying and bidding of sources and publishers. We leverage first-party search data to drive retargeting, programmatically optimize and target, manage multiple campaigns from one platform, and drive scale from thousands of sources. The combination of proprietary technology, exclusive publisher partnerships, 3rd party technology and solutions integrations, and Ad Operations and Account Management expertise drive efficiency and scale for our advertisers.

Our platform captures exclusive intent data, leverages the data across multiple channels, and targets lookalike audiences. The billions of searches that take place monthly within the marketplace create our unique and proprietary data that drives performance across multiple channels. The platform, processing 1.3 billion transactions a day, captures data that we enrich with trusted 3rd-party data and additional user intent and interest signals from multiple channels.


Our approach is defined by efficiency first and scale second. This methodology enables over 91% of our advertisers’ campaigns to scale and achieve their performance goals, month over month. From campaign setup to conversion tracking, from keyword analysis to 3rd party integration with platforms such as Marin and Kenshoo, our Account Management and Ad Operations teams act as your in-house agency.