Frequently Asked Questions

Where does’s traffic come from? delivers traffic in our keyword marketplace outside of Google, Yahoo! and Bing.’s variable CPC traffic consists of long-tail sites, in-text and contextual, mobile, native and domain. For display and video campaigns, our Ad Operations team accesses first-look RTB and exchange-based inventory, native and premium publishers.

What ad formats do you support?

For search, there are standard image and text title (25 characters) and description (35 characters) limits. For display, acceptable length is animation under 15 secs (no looping), and acceptable dimensions are 300×250, 160×600, and 728×90. For video/preroll, length is 15 and 30 secs., and supported format is VAST or VPAID. For more specific information on size and dimensions for display, native or video, please contact

Do you have a minimum spend?

For every campaign, we evaluate the potential search volume and bid landscape, and prepare a media plan that recommends an optimal test structure for ad groups, keywords, and spend cap. Based on the plan, we provide a recommended test budget that is specific to the advertiser’s category and the campaign’s desired action and CPA goal.

What is the ramp-up period? How long does it take to optimize and scale?

It varies by campaign. The approach of the Account Management team is to first achieve goal and a level of efficiency, and then expand a campaign’s distribution to scale and grow. It’s a very methodical approach.

Is there a fee for account and campaign management?

There is no fee. The Account Management team completely manages a campaign for free, from set-up to daily optimization, and is dedicated to meeting a campaign’s performance metrics.

Can we see performance by traffic source?

Advertisers are able to see traffic by source id and keyword. Access online reports to see campaign spending at the keyword and ad group level, and see actions/conversions at source and ad group level.

What is the level of transparency?

We earmark all of our sources with a numerical code. We provide site examples yet we are unable to provide full transparency since we are a blind.

Can we geo target in the U.S. market?

Yes, at state level and at DMA level.

How do you buy and re-target Display campaigns?

Contextually, we target sites and we buy audience using our first-party search data combined with 3rd party audience data. We buy through our publisher network and through our syndication network. We layer our search data onto 3rd party data, giving us additional and unique data points. We leverage audience profiles (interest) with behavioral search data (intent).